令和四年度 新宿熊野神社祭禮・神輿渡御より [事務局]



9月18日(日)御神輿巡行【宮出し】午後1時 於:十二社熊野神社~【宮入り】午後7時半

September 18th 2022

Shinjuku Juniso Kumano Shrine Grand Festival

[>]The old Tsunohazu district is quite large, covering Shinjuku Station's west side to east side and Kabukicho.It is a parish of Shinjuku Juniso Kumano Shrine. Kabukicho also belongs to this shrine.
[>]Juniso Kumano Shrine's portable shrines carried in the traditional zigzag style.
The handheld bell used for the rhythm is one feature of the festival. “ Chidori-Katsugi”it is zig-zag style of carrying the portable shrine makes them look drunk while walking. However, they use small steps to shuffle along. The people carrying the front of the portable shrine carry the poles on the backs of their heads, instead of on their shoulders. They stick out their hips and keep their legs stretched out as they walk zigzag. This is an unusual and difficult way of carrying a portable shrine. They also shout, "Oisa, choisa!" Such unusual things about the festival attract many people from all over to help carry the portable shrines.
[>]Yang year every three years, and Yin years in-between
Every three years, when Juniso Kumano Shrine's Grand Festival falls on a Yang year (next one will be in 2018), two large, 1.5-ton Honja Mikoshi( portable shrine) are carried near Shinjuku Station. They are carried in all of the neighborhoods. In Yin years, each neighborhood carries their own Mikoshi in their neighborhood. A few Mikoshi are also carried in front of Shinjuku Station jointly by some of the neighborhoods and a few are carried along Shinjuku-dori road.

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